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blister factory is a harrowing crossing 42 peaks in 24 hours. But it's nice for wood, violin scales and a tribute to the legendary Joss Naylor has fallen rider.

David Ward reports

one of the toughest in the Lake District fell operational challenges to be held in a new orchestral suite composed by an Italian who lives in Kent and Cumbria had never been before the commission landed on his doormat.

Running in the clouds

Malagnini, which will be given its world premiere BBC Philharmonic Salford based in Kendal, January 14, feast of the Bob Graham Round, a jog round the hills that requires riders to complete a circuit of 70 miles of 42 peaks (27,000 feet of ascent, the height of Everest) within 24 hours.

was the first time in 1932 by Graham, owner of a bed and breakfast Keswick, who finished the race in tennis shoes, long pants and a pajama top, was supported the bread and butter, lightly cooked eggs, fruits and sweets. The tower, which is described as "probably the most demanding test of physical fitness available to British athletes and mountaineers" was not repeated until 1960.

now attracts tens of runners each year and the fastest circuit has so far been completed in 13 hours 53 seconds.

The mystique of the round and the response Malagne to it (and the legendary Joss Naylor fell runner) are captured in a Radio 4 documentary to be aired on December 16. In it, Richard Wigley, General Manager of the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, is the composer of the Yewbarrow summit (628m) north of Wast Water, in a typical day in the Lake District of the fog and rain. "You can see well enough to not going to fall," he said. "So, you're sure ... It's the right kind of lonely here."

Malagnini described

Running in the clouds
like a musical diary of memories Naylor:

depicts the intimate relationship between the broker and its environment. The music takes us through the rise of more energetic and heroic. Culminating in the final movement, a view of Yewbarrow. Here, Joss is lost in the fog until the wind blows a cloud and discovers a beautiful view from the top.

In the program, explains Malagnini tried to capture the beauty and challenge of the mountain. A melody expresses the heroic moment in the cycle begins Bob Graham, sustained notes to make room for the wind to create wind noise in the corridors of the face. Later, a series of violin scales evoke the descent of the peaks. Wigley said he is "not happy" with his commission. "It's a clever evocation unbridled joy."

Wigley, an enthusiastic runner fell never made the Bob Graham Round, but in 50 years has run 50 hills in 27 hours ("three hours too slow") talks about his adventures Lake District with a fervor Mystic:

The solution is the time when the crest of a hill that was impossible to climb and all that then reveals a mosaic of well-defined colors, or a cold, misty rain, when the unfortunate run head of his body and synapses connect in new and everything is good in the world.

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