Thursday, February 2, 2012

The latest list

Press Complaints Commission complaints resolved several particularly interesting.

first two are about Pippa Middleton (sister, if you do not know, the Duchess of Cambridge, also known as Kate, also known as Catherine).

He complained of a photo of her that appeared in the Daily Telegraph, saying he had been taken following harassment by a freelance photographer (also known as a member of the paparazzi).

The document he had been harassed, but apologized to her anyway, implicitly accepting that he had "felt" he had been harassed.

Middleton also complains of images that were published in The Sun, once again maintaining that they were the result of harassment.

The article discusses the circumstances of the alleged harassment, but she also apologized "for any distress unintentionally caused."

also agreed to delete photos from your site and your.

Aaron Lennon: The Story of a kick into touch

footballer Aaron Lennon complained that an article by Sun about their alleged actions in a nightclub in London was inaccurate and misleading.

which was decided by the CPC to negotiate the withdrawal of the original article the newspaper's website.

The Sun has also made a donation to charity and to publish an apology following, both in the newspaper and online at:

"Following our article on March 15 (" Keep your Aaron) Aaron Lennon Tottenham in a London nightclub, we would like to clarify Mr. Lennon did not approach foreigners at the club, and has spent anywhere near the £ 15 000 was reported. We apologize to Mr. Lennon and we are happy to clarify the issue. "

Do not you love that use of "clear" is a euphemism for "what happened"?

Ray Chapman: "drinker," who was sober

The CCP has also negotiated a "clarification" and apology in The Observer in an article on the new world in the late journalist Ray Chapman.

His widow, Judy, has complained that it contained errors. And the paper published the retreat follows:

electoral reform (SSR) complained of articles in both the Daily Mail and The Sun.

In the case of mail, ERS, said an article on the inaccuracies of replacing the Vote campaign.

To solve the problem, and others agreed to publish a letter from the organization to work and put the text into your web page, at the foot of the original article. He said:

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