Thursday, February 2, 2012

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can work shadow Secretary, Ivan Lewis, really?

In his party conference today suggested that journalists should be allowed and that journalists should be playful-license.


John Wilkes. His work is on the verge of collapse. Politicians are losing ground.

There is a danger, if the direction of Lewis grabs the search panel Leveson, we will put an end to unacceptable restrictions on freedom of the press.

This would be contrary to public interest and therefore undermine democracy.

None of us who criticize both piracy and the adverse influence your political editor that allows it to flourish want to see the legal control of the press.

is also ironic that Lewis should begin potty ideas in the digital age. Do you try to leave Guido Fawkes? Bloggers catching in Britain?

Will we take the path of China by creating a set of sensors located in a digital technology center of Whitehall?

course I want the press to behave responsibly. But I have spent years warning that style of journalism practiced by the New World and other red-tops was a threat to us all.

Did any member, Tory or Labour, dare say the same thing? In fact, if all other newspaper commentator, journalist, let alone pay attention to these warnings?

course I'm in the I-told-you-for the profile. But it was a lonely place to be during these years, and was proved right now is not the point.

What we have to do is save us from the wreck after piracy. And Lewis and encouraging delegates to Liverpool need to understand the danger of his position.

look at the contradiction at the heart of Lewis delight of spectators speech. At one point he said: "In Britain, freedom of the press is not negotiable."

is the current editor of The Sunday Times, John Witherow, was removed to reveal that the deputies were looking for money for lobbying?

Imagine mounting legal costs if we were to threaten journalists at every turn? And imagine the end result. A servant, the new risk aversion

Accompanied by Lewis, hat Labour politicians such as Tom Watson, Chris Bryant and John Prescott. They fought bravely against Rupert Murdoch and his organization.
But we must have a sense of proportion. Adequate self-regulation has not been considered. The perceived failures in the current system is not an excuse to abandon the concept itself.

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