Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Currently, researchers seem to focus on developing clean energy sources - but the storage is so important

do not understand why researchers are trying harder to find the best solutions to energy storage. Instead, all the emphasis seems to be on the lookout for new sources of clean energy. This is important, of course, but if you could dramatically improve energy storage that could do with the energy sources we already have? And intermittent renewable energy such as wind and solar power would be more attractive.

P Holmes, E-mail

earlier this year, I listened to the scientists based at Culham Science Park near Oxford, on the grounds that it is necessary to have a Manhattan Project for nuclear fusion. In other words, on a global scale, it is necessary to supplement our intellectual faculties and budgets for research and push as hard as possible to ensure a source of clean, safe and plentiful. It was a convincing argument: it could be a better goal for humanity
there any other battery technologies to be happy? And a Manhattan Project to promote energy storage technologies that better use of resources, for example, a merger or other form of energy production of next generation?

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