Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our goal is to reduce congestion and improve the quality of life, not fill the coffers of the mairie

Simon Jenkins misrepresents the purpose and effect of the extension of parking controls in the city of Westminster. In his article (Coalition of hypocrisy behind the war against motorists, November 16), accusing the council of "distortion of greed, hypocrisy and the prosecutor" - but it does not. Any rational observer, and should be surprised if the elected representatives of the city did not try to handle the traffic, congestion and quality of life. The regulation of parking and loading to stem the shortage of space is a method, such as promoting the use of off-street parking spaces are often empty at night. Our job is to find the right balance.

Jenkins refers to London is the city of gold. In fact, for 24 hours a day. Westminster welcomes and cleaned after a million visitors a day. Management is the work of the Board, on behalf of all who live, work and play here.

Jenkins says that people who work odd hours will be compromised and that this policy is a "way of the collapse" of companies, however, there is parking in the street five minutes walk of all casinos in the West End and the latest statistics show that the transport buses in London, even at night we see the crime rate the lowest in seven years -. nine crimes per million trips

hope that extending the hours of parking control on the part of the West End will continue to improve the environment, traffic management and ensure parking spaces are available for visitors in the future . About 80% of visitors use public transport the western end of the night, rising to over 90% in the day, and will promote further improvements in public transportation, including subways later operation, the deployment of several bike rental stations and improve our public space.

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