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little mystery This bird of New Zealand is known for his voice to sound and many dialects (with video and audio !!) aa> New Zealand Bellbird

Anthorn melanura
, Sparrman, 1786 (protonym



) , also known as Bellbird and their Maori names, or makomako Korimako, photographed on Tiritiri Matangi Island, the island restored in the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland, New Zealand.

Image: Richard Thomas / TRAFFIC, October 2007 (with permission) [velociraptorize] hand Digiscoping with Swarovski 20x Nikon telescope


little mystery This bird of New Zealand is known for its stunning duets. Can you identify the taxonomic family of birds and species? Can you identify the sex of this bird? Can you tell me more about singing bird?


is an adult male New Zealand Bellbird Anthorn melanura

, a endemic to New Zealand is a member of the family cats Honeyeaters Meliphagidae and Australia. This family is large and diverse, including a number of songbirds that are more common in Australia and New Guinea. Its range includes New Zealand, Wallace and the Pacific Islands, extending east of Samoa and Tonga. On the other hand, the island of Bali, right in front of the Wallace Line, a single species.

When not provided with location data, it is easy to be confused with hummingbirds Honeyeaters (family Nectariniidae), which are in Africa and South Asia. The relationship and meliphagids nectarinids look and behave similarly, with a convergent evolution - the result of their habitats and habits similar arrangements.

Two Bellbird song recordings, thanks to talented writers who freely share their work in Xeno-canto. I think the first record is simply amazing. It is 1:59 long:

recorded on December 15, 2004 by Patrik Ã…berg on Te Anau Downs, New Zealand [audio link].

Here's another record, is a time of 1:28, the birds singing and a bell to speak by feeding on flowering trees, courtesy of Xeno-Canto:

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