Monday, December 5, 2011

Coalition on track to become the government most destructive of the environment to maintain power in the UK, for example campaign groups

an extraordinary alliance of field campaigns, the groups of wildlife and green activists launched a savage attack against the government, accusing him of "insulting impressive" for the environment.

The attack - the support of organizations such as the RSPB and the campaign to protect rural England -. It's a shame, David Cameron, said that important in the last election that his would be the "greenest government ever"

However, in letters to the observers, environmental groups - as the umbrella organization of the Wildlife Trusts, with over 800,000 members -. Ridiculing this request and expressed their anger at the statements in the autumn of last week by George Osborne

With declining government subsidies defining solar power, the reform of planning regulations and the introduction of tax support for energy-intensive industries, the rhetoric of the Chancellor caused the wrath of the green lobby. "After the Chancellor's autumn statement, we can say that the coalition is on track to become the environment of the government to maintain the most destructive power in this country since the modern environmental movement was born," says a letter, Green activists signed by George Monbiot Tony Juniper, Jonathon Porritt, Caroline Lucas, Green Party leader, among others.

a second letter, the leaders of the RSPB, Greenpeace and others, said: "The contempt superb shows the value of the natural environment, not only goes against popular opinion, but runs counter around the government said in June when it launched two major pieces of environmental policy -. the ecological role of natural white and England Biodiversity Strategy "

The reaction is presented as a severe strain developed within the conservative coalition / Liberal Democrat policy on green. The


understood that the Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary, Chris Huhne, Osborne was not consulted about their comments into account in the fall. As for the members that many consider to be at odds with the government professes enthusiasm for the environment, said Osborne House of Commons on Tuesday: "We will not save the planet by the end of our steel mills, aluminum smelters and paper manufacturers all will. do is to export valuable jobs in Britain. "

The conflict intensified when the delegates gathered at the climate summit in Durban most recent change. The purpose of the meeting of new developments in global emissions are not likely to satisfy the developed countries are preoccupied with their own domestic financial problems.

earlier this year, the government angered many traditional supporters of the Conservative Party when it emerged that he intended to sell many of the country's forests. Following a protest by the field teams and environmental policy has been abandoned. It has since been locked in a line just as damaging to the plans to relax planning controls that conservatives feel a threat to nature.

Now environmentalists fear more damage from large-scale developments - including the port and road projects. They cite the North Norfolk Coast, the moors of North Yorkshire, the Wye Valley and the plains of Salisbury, as vast areas of unspoiled natural beauty that could be threatened.
Many conservatives are also concerned about possible environmental damage the proposed high-speed rail line between London and Birmingham HS2.

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