Monday, December 5, 2011

As budgets are reduced, academics have warned that major developments will be compromised

scientific advances have the potential to cure Parkinson's disease, to provide vaccines for the murderers of the world such as HIV / AIDS and malaria, and to propose solutions to reduce the environmental costs of housing construction could be delayed "destructive" cut the development of research facilities at major universities in the country, according to the university.

warn that the development of hits worldwide laboratories, manufacturing facilities and even the country's leadership position in the field of information technology are at risk because of government cuts to spending on construction and maintenance of facilities at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Manchester and Imperial College and University College London.

figures published by the Department of Innovation and Skills show that funding has already been reduced by about 65% through the institutions of this year and that amount is reduced by the amount of the indicative money that will be provided for the next two years, the Research Capital Investment Fund, the pot of money used to finance the infrastructure of research institutions in the country the.

universities believe that the reduction in funding will have a large impact. Professor David Phillips, president of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Professor Emeritus at Imperial College, said he feared that it would take decades to the research base in the country to recover if the government went ahead with its plans until 2015.

figures, he says, have been particularly galling at a time when the country must be innovative and create jobs. He said, "cutting-edge research is threatened by budget cuts ruined capital of universities The last time I had cuts of this size was in the 1980s - and it took decades to recover Why do not we learn lessons from the past ..? "

"The board of the university had to divert operating funds for our capital program to maintain the essential construction projects in progress, but it is not sustainable in the long term. "

After less than a year in new funding mechanisms, Oxford University, said he was "slow" progress in the replacement and upgrading of facilities of chemistry, physiology and physics. The university hopes to provide 12,000 square feet of additional space to encourage medical advances in biochemistry.

Professor William James, a pro-rector of planning and resources of Oxford, said the university, which recently used government funds to create a new filing of the famous Bodleian Library world and construct a science of the Earth to pursue green technologies, and were forced to seek funds from private sources. He said: "The reduction has been dramatic, and forces us to generate additional funds from other sources, just to maintain our current state, let alone build new facilities that will inevitably slow the progression of creating some of the facilities that we need to support our world. conducting the investigation. "

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