Sunday, December 4, 2011

infiltration, Jim Boyling, who had a false name while in the trial, "shows the weakness of the investigative powers of the action"

lawyers have condemned what appears to be misleading the court by the secret police and called for a fundamental reform of the law governing covert operations.

The revelation that the agent who infiltrated protest groups gave false testimony under oath in court led to calls for revision of the regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (Ripa).

The Met police, whose real name is Jim Boyling, infiltrated the direct action group Reclaim the Streets.

has been charged with other activists on charges of public order, and in 1997 testified under oath before a court with the name of Jim Sutton -. Keep the identity he had taken for his undercover work

Boyling was acquitted along with other protesters, but a militant, John Jordan, was convicted of assaulting a police officer.

Roger Smith, Justice of the civil rights group, said police infiltration: .. "This has important implications for the mechanisms of Ripa to monitor what is happening is broken and needs to be strengthened

"There was an adequate level of violation of people's lives surveillance, and we need to dust off and basically reinforce Ripa.

"Clearly, [the police] out of control. This is a considerable embarrassment. [The question] official procedures are subject to a potential perjury. Swore under oath that he was someone else. "

"The case also raises the question of an active police officer perjury to the court of first instance. What about the advertising rules? The case of another undercover agent Mark Kennedy, showed that the test does not make its way to the defense. "

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