Sunday, December 4, 2011

government sunlight Management Initiative indicates that geoengineering could be "Plan B" for climate change

more research on the risks and management of geo-engineering the planet's climate by reflecting sunlight back into space is needed, a consortium of scientific organizations and NGOs Green said as the end of the first week of negotiations on the UN climate approaches.

Concern about techniques

and constructive dialogue to more research is needed and the risks and benefits, said solar radiation management Governance Initiative, a coalition formed in March 2010 of the Royal Society, Italy-based Academy of Sciences of Twas the developing world, and the U.S. non-profit organization, Environmental Defense Fund.

different techniques to fight against global warming by reducing the amount of energy from the sun reaches the earth have been proposed, in large space reflectors in orbit stratospheric aerosols in the upper atmosphere. Supported by a British plan to test the mechanisms for inserting these aerosols, use a hose connected to a giant balloon, was postponed in September and spices called project has been criticized by scientists writing in Nature early this month.

Steven Hamburg, chief scientist for Environmental Defense Fund and co-chair of the SRMGI, said: "solar radiation management may seem at first sight, like something from science fiction - but not. and a serious debate on this basis, we believe it is urgent to create this government initiative. solar radiation management could be a plan B to deal with climate change, but first we must find ways to search safely. Only then can we even consider any other action. "


Co-Chair, John Shepherd, said: "Unless the apparent lack of political will to significantly reduce emissions of greenhouse gases is about to change, geoengineering may be necessary and MRS methods could be used in regulated and rash may form by individuals, companies or individual countries. "

He added: "We must also work outside our national borders, bringing together stakeholders around the world to discuss issues of geo-engineering, based on appropriate governance structures and s ensure that all research is conducted in a safe, transparent and socially acceptable. The question of whether solar geo-engineering will prove to be beneficial or detrimental to a large extent depend on how mankind can govern the issue and its political implications, and to avoid unilateral action. "

But Silvia Ribeiro, director of Latin America ETC Group, which argues against geoengineering, he said. "This report is dominated by scientists engaged in research on geoengineering in the UK, USA and Canada are looking for lawyers, several patents have claimed and have significant financial interests in the institutional and professional field of research geo-engineering are not the same familiar names that we have seen in a number of recent reports: .. John Shepherd and Keith David "

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