Thursday, December 8, 2011

bitter and resigned, Ireland vote No to the EU reform - but they bite the hand that feeds

One of my dearest friends of the university, for a benign coincidence, has moved on a highway north of Dublin who live in the same person is described as the "last known nationalist ".

His patriotic fervor extends only over the destiny of the Republic of Ireland football team. And even if they are happy that summer is hoarse the joint support of Giovanni Trapattoni in Poland in the European Championships, is not the kind of person to engage in a tricolor flag or node in a green scarf, white and gold in his neck.

However, when asked this week how he could vote if the Irish electorate had to go to the polls to vote on new EU treaty to my friend was adamant that he No vote

If a liberal, pro-European Ireland is responsible for voting against the draft EU reform raises a question of which medium-conservative and nationalist Ireland must be thinking now .

Enda Kenny and his cabinet ministers should be thinking about something similar today. Not surprisingly, the Fine Gael Minister for Europe, Lucinda Creighton, said Thursday that what is required of the EU summit on Friday was a critical amendment to the current Lisbon Treaty, instead of a new brand constitutional arrangements.

This was the worst week for Fine Gael, the Labour government which took office in early 2011.

For two days, Ministers established a brutal budget cost-cutting/tax-raising to save ? 3.2 billion (£ 2.7 billion) and reducing the national debt of Ireland . Both sides suffered heavy criticism not only from the opposition in the Dáil, but also a number of community groups and welfare cuts on several social programs.

the streets of Dublin, the mood on the economy, cuts and "Eurogeddon" seems to be a mixture of burning resentment tinged with resignation. On the one hand, people feel a deep sense of injustice, but will pay more indirect taxes and health insurance costs for the country's finances in order, bankers and property magnates seem to be evidence of the fire of austerity.

other hand, you can also see the shrug of the shoulder-what-you-are-you-do attitude to the weak position of Ireland international, and particularly in the EU.

is, after all, the EU and the IMF, which continues to the generosity to help pay for police officers, nurses, firefighters and public officials such as Ireland pays millions each months to strengthen its services to the public. No transfer of taxpayer money from the EU - in particular, of course, the Germans -. The country would be bankrupt

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