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? 10,000 reward offered for the return of Mayor Yvonne Zangberg reveals Wanderlust animals

A reward

? 10,000 offered in Germany for the safe return of a cow named Yvonne, who fled in May after detection was apparently about to be sent to slaughter.

Yvonne, a dairy cow in six years, in the words of a newspaper, became "a kind of freedom fighter for animal loving German Republic" as escaped from their field in the village of Zangberg, 50 northeast of Munich, May 24 kilometers.

After fat, she would be sent when he succeeded in breaking the electric fence around his farm. For months, had a quiet life in the pasture between the pine woods nearby, until it has almost become a harvest cross a road in the path of a police car passes.

the mouth of the cow invincible animal welfare activists engaged, outraged that local hunters had received permission to shoot at the sight of Yvonne. The intestine Aiderbichl, an animal shelter at the border with Austria in Salzburg, Yvonne has agreed to purchase the farm of ? 600 and offered a field of grass to graze on the rest of his life.

From the German tabloid Bild has offered a reward of ? 10,000 for the safe capture of Yvonne on Saturday, the race to get warmed up. Bild on Monday to 11 years of Joseph claimed to have discovered a fresh trail Yvonne Hull in the woods near his home. The boy had been warned by her grandmother, said she had seen a cow while he was picking mushrooms two days before. "I know I'll find. My father has 18 cows. Often I have to help feed and take them to pasture. I know what I do, "he told Bild.

Aufhauser said Monday it had hired a helicopter to locate Yvonne. If this does not work, he had a secret weapon: two years the son of Yvonne, Friesian, believed to be dead but came alive in a local farm. Frisian was offered by its owner Aufhauser, and on Monday to undergo "intensive training" to learn the best way to call your mother. "We know that the link between cow mothers and their children is very strong. It will not be able to ignore, "said Aufhauser.

Markl, Zangberg mayor, said he was delighted Yvonne decided to go missing during the summer break traditional news known in Britain as "peak times" and in Germany as "Sauregurkenzeit "- literally" bitter cucumber time ", referring to the days when good vegetables are scarce.

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