Friday, December 2, 2011

174 women working for the city of Birmingham historic court decision win on equal pay, and pavements for similar credits

tens of thousands of cooks, cleaners and restorers can appeal against the employers pay the same after a decision of the Court of Appeal that their applications should not be too strictly limited time.

decision that the case be heard by the High Court, as well as working in the courts where there is a six-month limitation is a historic victory for 174 women who worked for the City of Birmingham.

recent legal victories for women at low wages, especially against Sheffield City Council, helped establish a precedent that women working in cleaning and caring jobs must be the same wages as men in male-dominated professions such as garbage collectors, the street sweepers, road workers and gravediggers.

Birmingham City Council had appealed against the decision of a deputy judge of the High Court in December last year that the High Court had jurisdiction to resolve claims.

The Council argued that the cases are heard in the Labour Court, where cases have been filed within six months after leaving employment contract or a job change, compared to a six years of requests made to the Supreme Court.

three judges, Lord Justice Mummery, Lord Justice Davis and Dame Janet Smith, dismissed the appeal. It unanimously ruled that Birmingham Council had not demonstrated that the construction of the deputy judge of the Equal Pay Act of 1970 or otherwise deficient.

However, only workers who are employed or had recently stopped working were entitled to make claims. Those who had more than six months before they were surprised by a period of six months to file claims in court, judges heard.
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