Thursday, December 8, 2011

Documents suggest

Boyling Jim gave a testimony in favor of animal rights campaign to protect his undercover status

prosecutors and police have been accused of keeping secret the identity of a spy of the police during a criminal trial in 1996 political campaigns.

complaints about the undercover police officer, Jim Boyling, following an investigation by Mark Kennedy, an officer who worked undercover for seven years.

Boyling said it would be "delighted" to present evidence in support of four activists, animal rights have been prosecuted for breaches of public order, according to new documents.

But Boyling called to testify in his alias, he said. We have prepared a witness statement in which he said police had been "aggressive" when they arrested the activists.

However, activists have not been told that he was an undercover agent sent to infiltrate the group, pretending to be a committed activist.

recent state documents that police chiefs have undercover agents incorporated into false testimony in court to protect his undercover status.

have infiltrated agents from prosecution for offenses arising from the application are allowed to move forward because it helps build your credibility with militants who infiltrate.

Boyling, who infiltrated the environmental movement for the implementation of five years, was charged with perjury in court on another matter.

in 1997, is said to hide his true identity of a court where he was charged along with the green protesters to occupy a government office during a protest. Complaints Commission Independent Police are investigating the claim.

Scotland Yard has been reviewed a claim that another undercover agent using a false identity in a criminal trial.

The investigation revealed that prosecutors and police were responsible for failing to disclose crucial evidence for advocates who have been wrongly convicted of conspiring to hold a position of power.

The latest concern surrounding the prosecution requests Boyling 1996, four activists were arrested on their way to protest against a fox hunt.

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