Friday, December 9, 2011

a speech a month ago by Robert Thomson, editor today The Wall Street Journal and former editor of the Times, seems to have fallen below the radar of all.

But Forbes has gathered in the conference, given the annual dinner of the Columbia Journalism Knight-Bagehot.

Although he speaks of "serious questions raised by the abuse of London and the tabloid market Rough Trade" is in the context of the need to maintain a free press.

Thomson, considered one of the best friends of Rupert Murdoch, told reporters his work was "absolutely honored in the coverage of hacking history of London, in which very serious problems the illegality and immorality were raised. "

suggested that newspapers were less honorable rivals with their coverage, since advanced their own agendas. He said:

"Some of our competitors have been a little less virtuous. They have a perspective of conflict, despite being very controversial. like me allergic to the culture of the price, I think to launch a massive statue and the granting of an annual award of the perversity of a media that covers most of the media and abyssal conflictedly of other. There is a wide range of possible winners of this year. "

other hand, with Robert Thomson, it is always wise to say that you understand.



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