Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Police and prosecutors are accused of keeping secret the identity of the police spy Jim Boyling otherwise

Another interesting part of the undercover work Boyling Jim came to light.

police and prosecutors face new accusations that his true identity was kept secret in new criminal proceedings against the militants.

We published this story on the latest allegations, and the BBC Newsnight has also sent a show last night.

Boyling were concealed in the 1990s under the alter ego of Jim Sutton to infiltrate environmental groups and animal rights.

now the focus has shifted to a second court case, a year earlier, when Boyling intended to be an activist against fox hunting.

this occasion, is accused of Boyling said he was "delighted" to give evidence in support of four activists who were charged with violations of public order. In a draft witness statement, he described his profession as "clean contract". It seems that the description was not quite the whole picture.

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