Saturday, December 3, 2011


box as the face of this failure, it seems that Western leaders, bankers and citizens refuse to take the lead on climate change

After a beating he had public sector workers and the poor tax credits for families, George Osborne, said the fall in the speech he was "concerned about the combined impact of green policies .... .. in any part of our high energy-intensive industries. "He continued:" We will not save the planet by the end of our steel mills and aluminum smelters paper manufacturers. " If we followed "with a multitude of social and environmental objectives ... businesses fail, jobs will be lost, and our country will be poorer. "

the Kyoto Protocol on global warming runs out and the Durban conference to agree on a replacement box to failure, which was the message from the chancellor of what is supposed be the greenest government ever. Two days later, Sir David Attenborough said in an interview that people are out of touch with what's happening in the natural world and therefore we are not responsible for the future of the planet. Osborne is an animal in an urban environment, in addition to strange week on the yacht on the Mediterranean coast or skiing in Switzerland, spent most of his life in London. Therefore can not be expected to assume responsibility for global warming. This reduced subsidies for solar panels, which are 250 million pounds in tax relief for the most polluting industries, and scrapped plans to increase fuel taxes 3p next month.

Chris Huhne, Climate and Energy Minister, boldly plows plans and targets for reducing carbon emissions. But while Huhne denies any difference in the cabinet, the man who holds the strings - and whose speeches are much more studied than Huhne - sings a different tune. Osborne is the message that we can also belch carbon into the atmosphere, because if we do not, someone else - an argument that could be used to justify the sale of his daughter into prostitution

If the British Minister of Foreign Affairs can not accept responsibility for most other political leaders in developed countries will not either. The implicit message is that work to combat global warming may put on hold for solving the economic crisis. Estimates, more optimistic approaches in 2017. The planet then comes dangerously close, scientists predict that, until the tipping point for irreversible climate. Some say it takes a miracle to save the euro area and banks. We need a greater good of saving the planet. According to 2010, the World Bank, World Development Report, if all the coal plants should be built over the next 25 years will come into operation, the emission lifetime of CO2 are equal to those of all coal since the Industrial Revolution .

little less water to boil vegetables, take the bus to stores - which almost anyone can say they are already doing their part. At this point, even the type of people in positions of power prefer to march against bankers or student loans.

No, if we want the world might be saved, we must trust in politicians. However, convincing the Europeans and Americans to support nearly a decade of austerity is in itself a challenge for leaders assured voters that neoliberalism 30 years could generate an uninterrupted growth.

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