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While pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang are over your jetlag at Edinburgh Zoo, assessing what we have learned about these bears very difficult

How to pandas?

use enclosures specially designed inside a Boeing 777 cargo plane, which carries the livery of a courier company for what is known as the FedEx Panda Express. Maybe it was a curious decision to link the brand with a legendary animal that is slow (in the case of puppies, at least) consistently fails to deliver. However, the logo has appeared on almost everything except their own pandas. Meals during the flight consisted of bamboo, apples, carrots and "panda cake" (see below).

Home How a panda?

Yang Guang (Sunshine) and Tian Tian (Honey) has separate enclosures at Edinburgh Zoo - each has a covered area and a green painted outdoors with a pond, lawns and gravel provide a variety of different textures, climbing areas of logs and trees, and caves to escape the sun in Scotland. Despite living outside (the pandas are solitary animals) may be their outdoor spaces and the inner chamber is connected by a "tunnel of love", which will be open during the day each year when Tiantian is in heat. There is also a kitchen where the cakes are prepared Panda. The main ingredients are rice, eggs and soybeans, but according to a spokesman for the zoo, there are other ingredients, "but it's a secret recipe handed down from gatekeeper gatekeeper".

Is it difficult to communicate with the pandas?

Xie Hao, the goalkeeper who took care of them in Chengdu, since they were puppies, said: "Until now, we just talked about China is not known whether the pandas can recognize different languages. skin color or. "And he had not even considered the possible obstacles in the Scottish dialect. A spokesman said the communication" is much more about the signs and tone of voice instead of words. Then the guards do not have to [learn Mandarin] and the pandas do not have to learn English. "

How to convert in one panda

pandas are slow to reproduce, and many do not care at all. The great hope is that Yang Guang and Tian Tian puppies are produced, but they may need help, advise the Daily Mail in its coverage: "In 2007, the guardians of Chiang Mai Zoo in northern Thailand resorted to sit a man named Chuang Chuang front of a TV showing videos hot bears mating in an attempt to generate interest. "

A brief lesson


£ 640,000

Edinburgh Zoo The amount paid each year to rent the pandas (lounge is expected to last 10 years).

£ 285,000

£ 15.50

price of an adult ticket to Edinburgh Zoo. The children receive for £ 11 (family tickets available).


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