Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's official, we only have five years to act on climate change, however, is the chancellor for a strong economy and dirty

Imagine you are on a boat which is below the waterline and the elements of the list. Then you notice the race leader hit smaller holes in the hull of a desperate, though obviously false, the supply to keep the boat afloat. Welcome to Britain in the winter of 2011.

In August 2008, based on the best available information and conservative projections few colleagues and I felt that the world was 100 months before it would be "likely" (a definition of risk used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) that may contain global warming below the temperature rise of two degrees - the target agreed by the EU and other

For some at the time it seemed spectacular alarmist. We were pointing to the inevitable physical and chemical properties of greenhouse gas emissions are increasingly accumulating in the atmosphere.

Then two weeks ago, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IEA), usually a conservative voice, concluded that the time for meaningful action on climate change was also said. In our countdown, December 1, 60 months ago or five years to go. And five years is what the IEA also says that we have left.

In 2008, we face a financial crisis and volatile energy prices. There was then an opportunity to re-regulate the financial sector and to use public investment and the new ownership of banks to boost the economy. Job security, stability, carbon reduction, and energy is within reach - to lay the foundations of a modern economy capable of facing future challenges. Under the previous government refused this option.

the name of economic growth, Osborne seems nostalgic for the dark satanic mills era of England, and an approach to the labor market related to the celebration of someone's head in water and urging them to swim.

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