Sunday, December 11, 2011

beekeepers use bee friendly plants gardeners plant and avoid pesticides as concern grows about the chain of the impact of losses

bee populations have declined by 13.6% during the winter, according to a survey of beekeepers in England. The losses were more severe in the northeast, where the survey showed a loss rate of 17.1%.

experts fear that the decline will affect the productivity of the plant. There is also concern that declines with drought conditions in some areas, honey English less this year.

Martin Smith, president of the British Beekeepers Association, which conducted the survey, said: "If it was measured against similar losses in cattle would be as disastrous and there would much concerned about the ripple effect on food prices. "

beekeepers are baffled by the decline because of the cold of winter and early spring have been favored by bees. They are "grouped" with strength in their hives when it is cold and dry, energy-saving power in the spring when the temperature is around 12C.

However, there is good news that the rate of loss of the colony has slowed. Four years ago, one in three hives was destroyed.

calls of association at all with a garden, however small, easy plant to plant bee this summer. "It's really important to have plants with nectar-rich flowers, especially in August, September and October to provide necessary food for the bees can recharge their reserves of honey in the hive to see through the winter, "said Smith.

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