Sunday, December 4, 2011

Internet retailers

the worst offenders to spend the proceeds of Christmas cards sold in the name of charity, according to a report

retailers selling Christmas cards are charity donation of only 1.1% for good causes with Internet stores the worst offenders, according to a report by the Charitable Foundation Advisory.


Scrooge Awards, now in its 10th year, the survey of detail to see who are marketing their cards in the name of charity, but actually provides very little for the causes which aims to support .

This year, the trust looked online business Christmas cards personalized charity for the first time and found that over two thirds of respondents have less than 5% to charity. More than a quarter less than 2% to charity.

He said the biggest names in high street improved, now with a majority of at least 10% to charity. Marks & Spencer, Debenhams and Waterstones to 20% of the price of their cards, while John Lewis gives 25%.

However, three for two offers are becoming the norm for the merchants of Main Street, he said, and reduce the amount donated to charity. He said another disturbing trend is that this year more than 40% of the cards were surveyed products in China.

"This makes the card cheaper to produce, but labor costs in the UK," said Hilary Blume, director of the Council Charitable Trust.

"It is extraordinary that charities in the UK make no effort to see that the cards are printed in the UK, therefore protect jobs and the environment."


, Hallmark cards and charity Christmas Paperchase are printed in the United Kingdom under the trust and a selection of charity cards at retailers including House of Fraser, Harrods Peter Jones and Ryman.

praise reserved for the cards, giving the price reformed sinner. Cards Galore was the winner of Scrooge in the last two years, but this year the store cards all gave nearly 10% to charity.

Scrooge this year's award went to the ACC Business Opportunities online. Trust, said: "Despite a 10 pence per card gift card can cost up to £ 9.35 each (including the additional costs, such as works of art, printing envelopes and aluminum), resulting in a donation to the charity of 1.1%. ".

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