Sunday, November 20, 2011

As the Security Council of inches with a resolution of censure of violence, forces forward with Assad's crackdown on protesters

Twenty-four people died in Syria, as the Security Council has shown signs of inching toward the condemnation of violence unleashed by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.

According to the Observatory of Syria, based in London for Human Rights, 10 people died in the city of Hama, the first day of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month.

six others were killed in the eastern suburbs of Damascus Arbe Tuesday morning, three in the central province of Homs, two in the eastern border town of al-Boukamal, two in the coastal city of Latakia and a to Maadamiyah near Damascus.

Gun and tanks continued to Hama, on the morning of Tuesday, a resident told the Guardian, adding that many people trying to flee the city in neighboring cities. Electricity and water are reduced in many areas, he said.

In the nearby city of Homs, the troops opened fire Monday night when people have left the local mosque after the prayer of Taraweeh night, said a resident.

"There were buses and returning soldiers and left us in all areas," said the resident. "They just opened fire as soon as [people] outside the mosque ... It's terrible, terrible will now get something out is that it will run .. anything that moves "

describe the attacks in the capital, a resident told Reuters: "People marched after the evening prayer of Ramadan safety cars and trucks mounted with machine guns entered his bed around midnight Erbin and gathered in it. main roundabout before turning the street and shoot the neighborhoods. "


bloodshed continues in a military offensive that has an estimated 1700 lives of civilians from the Western diplomats stepped up efforts to force a resolution of the Security Council condemning the UN violence.

the UN Vitaly Churkin Russian ambassador, said: "We are still under the shadow of events in Libya, where there is a resolution adopted by the Security Council is very frivolous, and we can not keep that in mind as you contemplate what the Security Council can and can not do in Syria. "

Monday, William Hague, British Foreign Secretary said he was "not a remote possibility." Later, in New York, U.S. Ambassador to the UN declared the demands of the countries opposing a resolution was a "hoax."

"In my view, is an excuse for those who do not want to deal with what is happening in Syria," he said, according to Reuters.
a more acceptable solution with the potential to unite all members of the Security Council, while neighboring Syria from Lebanon, it would issue an official statement by the Chairman of the Board that calls for the end violence and urged a peaceful political solution. Churkin, who insisted on a resolution would be "exaggerated," said he thought that this would be "satisfactory".

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