Monday, November 14, 2011

A species of warbler Vietnamese is so similar to its cousin in sulfur previous observations may have been falsified. However, the song gives

Birds are among the higher taxa completely known, however, new species are discovered. Dr Per Alström, Information Centre of the species in Sweden, led an international team of ornithologists describe


calciatilis (limestone Warbler) in the central and northern Vietnam and Laos, including the common border areas with China. The article, published in Ibis , raises difficult questions about the status of species and evolutionary relationships among warblers.

Aquatic species include the genus Phylloscopus throughout Eurasia, less frequently in Africa and one species in the Pacific Northwest of America. Vocal studies and DNA for the last 20 years have increased the number of species recognized by 40% to 64. Many of them are the result of disentangling the groups closely related and morphologically similar.

calciatilis P most similar to the ratio of chest warbler sulfur

The new common warbler within its breeding range limited in the evergreen forests of deciduous semi-evergreen growth in karst mountain habitats and there seems to be locally threatened. The confusion between this observation and easy
rickettsial P

indicates that the previous samples and records of it should be re-examined in detail.

The specific epithet calciatilis

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