Sunday, November 20, 2011

two Sinn Fein policy and its history as an IRA commander in the attack, the chances that Martin McGuinness will be the next President of Ireland are down for the day

days of the presidential election in Ireland, Martin McGuinness prospects of becoming the next head is decreasing day by day. At the head of the candidates in the run-up to the vote on October 27, Labour veteran Michael D Higgins is the favorite in the polls. Meanwhile, McGuinness attempted to transfer a winning political formula from north to south seems to have stalled.

beginning of the campaign, the bookmaker Paddy Power is offering odds of 2-1 in the first Deputy Minister of Northern Ireland, who left that role for the duration of the campaign. These probabilities were extended to 20-1 against the two "half of Ireland" gives back to the former IRA commander turned politician.

Friday afternoon outside the holiest place of Irish Republicanism - General Post Office in Dublin, where the 1916 Easter Rising began - McGuinness did not have to face for the first time, by the Members of the public are opposed to his policies.

this occasion, the issue was not the case with the IRA, nor his alleged involvement in several high-profile atrocities. An inter-community of environmental activists in Northern Ireland broke his canvas on O'Connell Street to oppose Sinn Fein support for a new road to Dublin / Derry, who say that it means the destruction of homes, farms and businesses. One of those who spoke Ciaran McClean McGuinness, Paddy Joe McClean son of a prominent activist in the civil rights movement in Northern Ireland, he was tortured by the British Army in 1971.

"I was ambushed outside the GPO McGuinness. I asked why it supported half a billion euros in the Irish economy on the road. His [security guards] do not be too heavy, "McClean said yesterday.

The turning point in the struggle for doubt McGuinness arrived two weeks ago, when a voter in Athlone he faces a photograph of Private Patrick Kelly, the Irish soldier killed by the IRA in 1983 during an attempt by the military to rescue millionaire businessman Don Tidey, the Provos were kidnapped in an extortion attempt.

front of the cameras, the challenge David Kelly McGuinness IRA to break the code


and give details of the men who killed his father . Kelly's intervention upset the normally cool, media-savvy McGuinness. Also raised the question of how someone who leads an organization responsible for the death of an Irish soldier could become commander of the Irish army.

A Secret History of the IRA

are not so sure. Moloney estimates that put it in the presidential race McGuinness, the party has raised all the ghosts of the recent past of the IRA.

"In the north there is a tendency in the media not to put players in the peace process under close scrutiny because the process could not stand," he said. "They have forgotten that in the south, the peace process marked the end of the need to please the North, while the media did not hesitate to highly questionable McGuinness account of his life under surveillance and finds it filled your closet skeletons as Gerry Adams. "
The campaign has certainly been the most ferocious of modern Irish history. From the perspective of Senator David Norris over alleged sex between men and boys to allegations of sexual abuse in the family of independent candidate and former Eurovision winner Dana, the tone was very high.

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