Tuesday, November 29, 2011

at first ridiculed by some, dealing with Wall Street is showing potential allies "hacktivism" in line with the street protests

Defying the harsh criticism and redirects Stephen Colbert made fun of bloggers last week in the "without leaders", "random" hipsters launch Frisbee camp cardboard at random in a park the financial district of New York, Wall Street deal seems to be gaining ground. The modest 200 passengers last week, the number of protesters reached a peak estimated at about 3000-5000 on weekends in March. Media attention has grown exponentially.

After taking inspiration from the Egyptians 'demand' model, occupy Wall Street has now released its list of "one" says, with much-needed clarity of purpose. Has been a shift to reach a broader base, including unions. The execution of Troy Davis last week also contributed to the growth of Wall Street hold a crowd of protesters in Zucotti park called Freedom Square, has increased to about 1500 on Thursday night, demanding an end to capital punishment.

filmed during the weekend, police arrested about 80 demonstrators and, in one case, now known, apparently, the spray mass in the faces of female protesters protests generated "loose" the Use New York police force against peaceful demonstrators. Thank you to these two incidents, said one protester, Danny Garza, "Occupy Wall Street got more than I ever thought it could be."

But the profile of the protest can not be measured only on the number of demonstrators on the outskirts of the Plaza de la Libertad is a parallel movement based Internet activism shore. Under the banner of Virtual anonymous collective, the "hacktivists" are now engaged in the physical action of protest in the streets. "Groundfags" in Liberty Park-way communication with activists online. The new dynamics of the street and combining online activism supported Wall Street, destined to occupy a characteristic movement again.

"This is a new form of protest. Many of us have done our fair share of the streets to protest. But we are dragged into the street, and we hammer. Now we have made our protests in the online social media to do it all at once on the street -. protest with our distributed denial of service [DDoS] attacks that we are just an online flash mob "

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