Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tour of Spain at Wembley led to a dose of realism to home after the selection

Traditionally, there are three stages of intimate family relationship between a supporter of football in England and the national team. The first step is the step-obedient son: eyes wide open, grateful, trembling voice of the male slaves invincible. Then comes an average brotherdom high praise, hope that the years of torture, where everything seems possible and believes that only if children could just, you know, if these only if the kids can ... Finally, submerged coastal platform of disappointments accumulated in the phase of the mother-in-law. Nothing makes you happy. Nothing is ever good enough. We should have been in German instead - and I think we do not offer

Last week, I seem to have

located in a new phase, a hidden room rate England fandom is the will of a little more, infused with the need to forgive and forget, to embrace they narrowed egg yellow creatures spotted coat. This state of senility is benevolent, I think, a reaction to a new kind of rock bottom is reached. England play Spain, Saturday, at home, and nobody thinks they can win. Really:. No

not even matter when you read this article before or after the game: the fact that the dominant flow of Spain and 3-0 victory has already been established well before departure. We know that England won / t won "have a lot of the ball. The second goal from David Villa was / were very nice finish, smooth. Xavi was / is about 732 to pass, 98% accuracy of 0.6 toenail Lescott. Joleon And this time will not see the end of the first half again too often.

is perhaps understandable given that they play the world champions. But something else also, an unusual case of symmetry of football. All time best team in Spain will be the show at Wembley. His opponents, meanwhile, has a decent claim to be the worst team in England in modern times, perhaps of all time.

But things have changed a bit. In the past, I always had excuses. The manager went mad. The manager has chosen the wrong team. Players are tired / bored / suffering from the confusion of tactics base. England has lost in two World Cups in the 1970s but is still considered a failure of management. The team that lost 7-1 to Hungary in 1953, may also be excused. This was the first contact, a slaughter of innocents. Who knew then that the stranger was capable of such things?

This time, however, no excuses. It is very refreshing in the front. England is managed by Fabio Capello, who is, for those who do not speak the language racy, very competent. And these are the best players in England, more or less odd right side preferably at a gallop. They are efficient:. It's really them, drew before us in all their glorious mediocrity Disarmament
This is thrown into greater relief by the fact that England played in Spain, a team that, among other things, a kind of anti-England, a shadow world of right decisions, positive action, the modern control. Spain produced a team that is as close as any has been excellent: new masters of football collisions has been replaced by a variable speed equipment equal and where, therefore, a superior technique will always triumph. It can be verified by the football shaved teen behind the refinement of skill, Spain gave us a brand of nerd-ball invincible, a triumph of elegance of the brain, the vengeance of the low seven stones the guy who has always been the same task.


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