Monday, November 28, 2011

Jochen Flasbarth, which advises the German government on the elimination of its nuclear program, says the UK wind and solar industry will suffer

The construction of new nuclear power plants make it harder for the UK to switch to renewable energy, said a leading German officials of nuclear energy available in the country.

Germany, said shortly after the disaster of Fukushima in March that it would phase out its nuclear plants by 2022, while the UK plans to build eight new nuclear power and massively increase the amount the energy generated by wind power.

But Jochen Flasbarth, President of the Agency of Environmental Protection in Germany, which advises the German government, said: "We are not missionaries, and each country must find its own way in energy policy, but it is clear that nuclear plants are too rigid and can not adequately respond to changes in wind and solar power generation, gas only [heart] do. "


strongly advocated elimination of nuclear weapons in Germany, saying it would be smoother than critics think. "The removal is feasible and do not think the problem without solution," he told The Guardian in an interview. "I wonder why Germany feels the pressure to defend its decision, but not to countries that adhere to nuclear energy, which proved to be unsustainable."

said he does not expect the shortage of energy and would not be necessary to import nuclear power in neighboring countries like the Czech Republic. "During the past month, there was no need to import electricity, due to lack of capacity in Germany. Short-term imports were only driven by the market," he said.

nuclear power is highly unpopular in Germany, polls show that nearly 80% in Germany, Angela Merkel, supported the decision this year to remove nuclear faster than expected.

A new poll released Friday suggests that worldwide, only 22% of people agree that "nuclear power is relatively safe and an important source of electricity." However, the survey of 23 231 people in 23 countries, GlobeScan found that support in the UK increased 33% to 37% since 2005. According to a British Association of Science, published survey commissioned in September to show support for nuclear energy in the United Kingdom has remained stable since Fukushima. We found 41% of respondents agreed that the benefits of nuclear energy outweigh the risks, up to 38% in 2010 against 32% in 2005.

Flasbarth also refuted suggestions that nuclear energy in Germany would increase its elimination of emissions of greenhouse gases, which will reduce by 40% in 2020. Stephan Kohler, director of the German Energy Agency, criticized the withdrawal, saying he disagrees with the government's carbon reduction efforts more coal is burned.

Although eight of the 17 nuclear reactors in Germany were closed immediately and the remaining nine must be made online in 2022, said Flasbarth emissions greenhouse gas emissions are due to system level European emissions trading. If you burn more coal companies who need more emission certificates - certificates of limited elsewhere. "Not only is a problem if energy suppliers successfully lobby against the strict limits of greenhouse gas emissions after 2020, or new subsidies for coal," he said Flasbarth.

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