Saturday, November 12, 2011

Google invests in education and science, with five new YouTube channel dedicated to mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, physics - and spectacular demonstrations

In May, I wrote a post on YouTube and the rise of the amateur in science communication. It is exciting to now see a kind of punk mentality in science communication, the feeling that anyone can. It's something I do on YouTube and in this article that encouraged him to join me.

But in a departure from its traditional user-generated content, YouTube has recently announced its first foray into original content. So let's see what YouTube offered in the way of scientific communication.

No doubt this is an important step for Google's YouTube and its owner. It is part of an investment of $ 100 million rumored, starting with the announcement of 100 new channels. These include some big names in show business as Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, and Jay-Z. It is also the son of Reuters News and the Wall Street Journal, among others, the WWE channel and Red Bull. And later in this list, I.

Well, when I say, I mean a channel called Numberphile, which will take me and other mathematicians, each video that is on another call. The creation Numberphile is actually a video journalist Brady Haran, already popular on YouTube - and readers of the Guardian, GrrlScientist blogger - for his periodic table of videos as well as symbols of sixty (physical) and the science of your favorite station.


launches November 11, 2011, which is 11.11.11 - so it seemed appropriate to -. So that's one of the first of the new YouTube 100

The fact that 10 of the channels in this ad are the channels of education is encouraging. While money may be severe in the channels that Red Bull and the WWE, Google invests in education, too. In fact, half of the educational channels that are offered are related to science.

other new channels

Brady is in astronomy, Videos deep sky. The chain will begin to look at the Messier objects, a list of about 100 astronomical objects. Here's an overview.

channels mentioned so far are YouTube users with more success, but always from the YouTube community. The rest of the sciences related to the chain will be led by Steve Spangler, best known to the American public for his many appearances on television and continue to popularize the coke and Mentos experiment.

Steve is also the director of the National Institute of Science Hands of Denver, Colorado, and at least judging by their appearances television show reel I hope something spectacular!

seems that each of these channels of science will be very different in style and content, and I am very excited to see what they have to offer. Apart from the remaining circuits will be educational TED, I guess it will be on various topics, but I'm sure many have a fondness of science. Other chains have a very vague description at this point, but it seems that in the TED vein.
Hopefully this project will increase the quality of content on YouTube. This is a good deal for Google, hopefully it brings more traffic and advertising revenue. But is this a good deal for users? If YouTube is now effectively act as editor for the launch, which will change the type of content presented on the site?

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