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When did "station" Become a "station"

Probably around The Time That

kil kil potentiometers became

ether, when things that were "over" were suddenly "come down to you," When people started saying they felt "good" and not "good", and when adverbs year to become endangered species. Oh, and when stop people sitting and standing and were simply "sitting" or "Stood".

Rosemary Chamberlin, Bristol

Railway stations have many designations

but "train depot" Probably the most common in the French-speaking world. The Russian railways are most interesting vokshol


derived from the first year to visit British railway terminus and the main London and Vauxhall. The Russian word derived from this misunderstanding because of what "Vauxhall" "station" meant. " / Aa>

Brian Robinson, Brentwood, Essex

This is another attempt

our American cousins ??to "modernize" the language. My wife, Susan, a native of Louisiana, railway seats in the category of old and obscure jargon, with air, road, pavement and even horse-drawn carriage.

Jonathan Street, Etchingham, E Sussex

According to the Google Books Ngram viewer, calculate the frequency of phrases in all the books digitized by Google from 1800 to 2000, the "station" phrase was first used substantially in 1960 and was Ever Since in-growing popularity. Ute, at least according to data from Google, "railway station" is even more popular.

Robin Wilson, Southampton

in 1963, when Lord Beeching closed the half over 'em.

David Prothero, Harpenden, Herts

For me it was when I realized that the modes of transportation in places appointed Usually, the type of transport after the same, rather than what goes on. That is why we take a bus to a station of the road, and why we tram, monorail stations, helipads, car parks and bike racks. Ports and airports are exceptions and I see no reason why trains Be dispensated longer.

Steve Smith, Lancaster

I guess one of the reasons why "the station" is used instead of "station" Because it's easier to say, why not just target "station"? We say we are going to meet someone "at" to the road and it will probably be called "Station Road", not "Bus," a fortiori "bus station". When did "station" Become a "station"

hand of Roger, Stoke St Gregory, Somerset

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