Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How do you justify

by police to spy on people exercising their democratic rights and perjure themselves Boyling that Jim did?

new revelations in The Guardian delayed the publication of an official report on the work of undercover agents in the UK. The report was commissioned after Mark Kennedy Metropolitan Police earlier this year show the penetration of a general policy of legitimate protest groups. His testimony revealed miscarriages of justice when the evidence was removed. But now it gets worse, because it seems that false evidence was used in the tests and the police committed perjury to keep their coverage.

The final piece in 1997 revealed that Jim Boyling, posing as Jim Sutton, a committed member of the resumption of the campaign streets, was arrested and prosecuted for their involvement in the protests. Supposedly kept its coverage, even when asked in court under oath. Another former secret police have been approved, said it was standard procedure to build the credibility of an undercover agent.

Boyling double life began in 1995, and the timing is interesting. Until 1994, MI5 in Section F2 had played the lead role in strategic research in the UK "subversive" citizens as a threat to national security. The original rationale for this work came after the exposure of the spy ring known at Cambridge in the 50s and 60s, when MI5 was asked to identify Soviet moles in the British ruling class. However, this justification was pretty spent by the 80's, when the Communist Party of Great Britain is now largely disappeared. At that time, MI5 decided that the Trotskyists could also be a major threat, although there was no chance of being a Trotskyist group supported by the USSR. But why let the facts of how to investigate good spy?

After the Berlin Wall had been down for a few years, MI5, finally threw in the towel and closed F2 subversive. Any residual responsibility to monitor these groups fell into the hands of the police special powers. And here begins the current scandal.

seems to have been at the time that control of the SDS, which became known to the national unity government research on Mark Kennedy (NPOIU), was transferred from MPSB theoretically responsible to the total company unexplained limited liability which is the Association of Police Officers (ACPO).

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