Thursday, November 24, 2011

Former President of Costa Rica

calls on countries most affected by climate change who refuse to leave until talks advance

diplomats from some developing countries can "occupy" the negotiations on the UN climate to begin Monday in Durban, organizing sit-ins and boycotts by the lack of urgency in negotiations.

The move follows a call by former President of Costa Rica for vulnerable countries to refuse to abandon the talks until "substantial" progress had been made.

"I call on all countries vulnerable to" hold "in Durban. We need an expression of solidarity for the delegations of the countries most affected by climate change, a meeting the other replies to questions that must be addressed, "said Jose Maria Figueres.

"We went to Copenhagen [in 2009] with the illusion that we could reach a fair agreement. We went to Cancun [in 2009], where we saw little progress but not enough . The frustration is now deeper and construction. Now we are told we need more conferences. At some point, we must take seriously. We must go to Durban with the firm conviction that will not return until we made substantial progress. "

spokesman for developing countries negotiating blocs declined to comment on the call for a rebellion, but an ambassador said in Durban. "Occupy Wall Street and the movement is the climate negotiations meet the same problem as you will need if you want to have positive results. Otherwise, it will be worse than Cancun."

But he warned: "In the halls [here] refers to the occupation of the meeting rooms, but there may be sanctions, therefore, must be in large to have a impact and no one is punished .. It's early. "

a possible postponement of an agreement was sentenced Tuesday by the head of the UN Environment Achim Steiner, who said it would be a "political decision" rather than based on science.

Jorge Arguello, president of the powerful Group of 77 and China, a coalition of 131 countries, said: "[We] see the confidence in Durban a fair and equitable treatment of all matters that are important for all parties to a serious imbalance. in the progress of issues can not be clearly in favor of a successful, comprehensive and balanced. "

"The process of climate change is also crucial for the survival of humanity and dignity of all of us, sad to see parts of use only as a toy in a promotion program. African leaders have expressed in different forums that Durban can not become the tomb of the Kyoto Protocol and we fully support this ambition. "

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