Sunday, November 27, 2011

to recreate the spirit of the Jarrow March 1936, we send the message we want to build a more just future

March 2011 The work of Jarrow, recreating the heroic traditions of the 200 who marched in 1936, arrived in London. Physically, the last few weeks have been a test, but also a memorable and inspiring. I felt honored to be part of the recreation of a tradition of the working class which means too much for many.

We were humbled by the people of Jarrow, who waved and wept on October 1, humiliated by the people of countless people who sounded horns, shouting encouragement, he threw the hard earned money in our collection buckets and fed, housed and encouraged us along the way.

we were inspired by the Solidarity labor movement, and local branches of national organizations, without whose support the March would not be possible, we are workers fighting for their jobs and attacks against their conditions of hard-won, the fight against cuts communities.

why hundreds of miles from work? Why not break the stereotype and live on benefits? For me and for all other protesters that there is a responsibility of organizing an attack against, to offer a program of demands that match the aspirations of our generation. We hope to contribute to building a mass movement, which joins the campaign and the industrial unions organized in the energy and anger of the dispossessed against the young austerity cuts.

The Jarrow March is part of an international youth rebellion provoked by the crisis of capitalism. Millions of young people around the world - from Spain to Egypt to Chile - have trouble getting a job amid the economic destruction of education, not exclusion, and access to Learning becomes a commodity. For control over our own lives, not to be the slaves of the owners, or our standard of living dictated by the anarchy of the market.

share the motto of the movement is in London and Wall Street. We are at 99%. We walked in the city of London, a temple for the financial markets and a casino to 1%. Our brothers and sisters, Spanish indignant
, have left their fields to Brussels, headquarters of financial institutions that cause the war to the austerity of the workers and the poor through the Europe. We urge all young people and workers to join us for the last mile of Jarrow March in London on Saturday at noon from Embankment to Trafalgar Square.

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