Monday, November 28, 2011

Department of Energy and Climate Change insists even £ 1 billion available for projects despite previous comments pioneers Treasury

The government was forced to reassure the capture and storage industry, the Monday after the Treasury's comments seemed to cast doubt on the future funding of £ 1 billion of technology.

Danny Alexander seemed to suggest the money set aside for CCS could be integrated into the overall costs infrstructure. However, the Ministry of Energy and Climate Change moved to calm fears and insisted on £ 1 billion was still available by the government to finance CCS projects pioneer.

comments Danny Alexander, the Secretary of the Treasury and liberal Democrat, came to the industries of carbon and energy-intensive, high emissions hoped to discover what to expect exemptions government regulation of carbon. Details of concessions - which come despite a massive drop in the price of carbon permits - to be published Tuesday

The £ 1 billion fund for CCS, which will be awarded to the winner of a contest that has been operating for almost five years, is considered the last hope for the development of SCC in the United Kingdom as the promise of government support - as a tax on energy bills to subsidize the high initial cost of the technology of low carbon - withdrew

CSC was once considered one of the new low carbon technologies where the UK could be a pioneer. There are areas of potential carbon storage of carbon dioxide in depleted oil fields in the North Sea can be geologically suitable, and the United Kingdom and has experience in many of the technologies necessary components in the oil and the gas. However, high-profile companies such as BP and E. ON abandoned its plans, leading to a loss of confidence in the industry.

Meanwhile, energy-intensive industries like steel and cement heavy industry, are preparing for the announcement of government subsidies to mitigate the impact of regulations that reduce greenhouse gas greenhouse emissions and encourage efficiency. Industries have been promised concessions in the government budget of carbon in fourth place, which impose strict limits on carbon of British Industry in the 2020s. While the carbon budget was approved, the Chancellor tried to calm a number of Conservative MPs who opposed the proposal with the assurance that the major energy consumers are the exceptions.

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