Tuesday, November 29, 2011

can rent a bike, again, coasting all the way to Manchester

Oldham is pulling ahead in the race gently to open the showroom of the first all-electric car in the country. The Pennine town hall, perched on the edge of the mountain with great views of Manchester, voted Monday to lease the old Roxy cinema for this purpose.

Electric Car Company now applied for detailed planning and Bob should be your uncle. The project has a name that sounds exciting modern, at least to my ears - the Electric Hollinwood Pod. If all goes well and it opens next summer, as expected, will be the first of six that in Greater Manchester.

am a former owner Prius - (? There was in the van, right), unfortunately, is more like six years, their repair bills approach the usual inclination not to meaningful budget. So, I can attest to the joy of hybrids, especially when everything is calm and stopping at traffic lights at intersections. Or the buzz you get from reptiles through a complete silence in the car park of the supermarket.

Oldham site would give more space for their electric vehicles and a showroom, but also quick charging stations, repair and maintenance - green - rent a car and motorcycle. The countries of Dave Hibbert, Cabinet Member of the Board of Housing, Transport and Regeneration, said:

This is really going to help restore the Hollinwood card. We are the leading authority in Greater Manchester in the system of electric vehicles and the former site of Roxy is a great place.

Its proximity to the M60 and direct links to Manchester city center and the center of Oldham via the A62, would be essential to its success.

The MECC plans 300 charging points across the region of the city in April 2013. Executive Director Ron Stratton said:

know that the demand for electric vehicles is here and we expect interest and sales increase significantly in coming years. Many electric vehicles are already available and in 2012 will be a maximum of 25 new vehicles and vans to go on the open market.

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