Thursday, November 24, 2011

, 99% do not know our own power, which can move billions of dollars in corporate credit unions mega people

less than a month after Wall Street began Occupy, a group assembled in the history of New York, Washington Square Park in the heart of Greenwich Village. It was a critical growth period for the movement, with the increasing participation of thousands of students who attend the group of colleges and universities there. It was decided in March in local branches of the banks too big to fail, so that participants could close their accounts, and others could "teach-ins" to discuss the problems created by these institutions inexplicable.

Heather Carpenter, according to the federal lawsuit filed this week in New York, studying to become a certified nursing assistant, working to pay for school as a counselor for people with intellectual disabilities in a house on Long Island. Her boyfriend, Julio José Jiménez-Artunduaga, is a Colombian immigrant, said the American dream, working part time as a server. They marched from Washington Square Park to a neighboring branch of Citibank, where she went to the box to close your account, explaining his frustration with the new bank of $ 17 monthly fee for accounts with balances below below $ 6,000.

As described in the complaint, the teach-in began with the participants, "says the amount of debt, speaking of his experience as student loans, and the recitation of alarming statistics on debt university graduates. "The bank staff called police and left in July to avoid conflict. Heather closed the account and went well. At that time, a large group of police officers in New York, including the head of Joseph J Esposito and several plainclothes policemen showed up. The police stormed the bank, closed the doors and began arresting those involved in education.

Although Heather was out, an undercover police officer identified as a protester and told him to return to the bank. She said it was a client and showed him the receipt. To his surprise, as documented on video, Heather was caught from behind by a plainclothes police officer who began to force the bank. She screamed, but disappeared in a few seconds in the lobby, surrounded by a dozen police officers, where he was handcuffed and arrested about. July was also beaten and arrested - all to close an account at Citibank

took over 30 hours in police custody and charged with rebellion and trespass. A month later, the office of District Attorney of New York said it would withdraw the charges of court appearances. Heather and Julio still want to see Esposito Chief and other officers to stop the courts, however, an explanation of excessive force and illegal detention officers of both.

If you leave your money with the banks, they will be used to pay lobbyists to keep Congress in the repair of the system ... not only to show "It's a wonderful life" ... Move your money.

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