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series I strongly influenced the Spinney, with its emphasis on encouraging students to participate


Spinney Primary School, visitors are confronted with an explosion of color. A world map showing the wide range of ethnic and linguistic diversity of students is evident from a wall full of screens - all located on the height of the child to be clearly visible to young children and

important is a spanning tree with paper painted silk "flowers" to represent all children and staff, who wrote all their individual challenges for the year. Among them are "I want to be less scribbly" and "I want to be better in powder and an ironing board!"

This activity is based on the annual school plan for the development of the popular Cherry Hinton Elementary School on the outskirts of Cambridge. The director, Rachel Rogue said that continuous improvement is at the heart of the ethos of the school and applies to everyone in the school. "As a school special, it is important to never be complacent. As a team, never take your foot off the accelerator and we are always looking for ways to ensure the best possible results for all students. "

Snape said he was attracted by the statement of the school of the original mission, "Teaching and Learning Together", when it took over four years ago. The school had a "remarkable "rating by Ofsted in 2006.

contribution Spinney country is regarded as one of its strengths. About 40% of pupils speak English as an additional language. The children come from local heritage, built 22 years ago, the local village community and the world that their parents academic positions at the university or hospital Addenbrooke nearby.

key stage 1 results Spinney have improved significantly since 2007, but the school had room for improvement. With the help of Snape with his management team, including assistant director, Lee Mawson, the governing body of the school, teachers and other staff members of the team, parents and, most importantly, children, the initial mission statement has been enhanced through the identification of seven "core values" that underpin the work of the school. These are children-centrism, teamwork, improvement, excellence, accountability, learning and optimism. They are known and reinforced in the school curriculum written and unwritten.

Coincidentally, a series of blows to the door of the groups or individual children come to ask questions and share stories about their day. Each child is greeted with a smile and everyone seems to like to discuss and share their thoughts and ideas.

A radiant

Liam Walton-Bell, aged seven, proudly presented me with a copy of the "hand", which is the main visual expectations of school positive behavior.
placed around the school, displays key messages on each of the four fingers and thumb, perfectly summed up as "Taking care of yourself, each other, we learn, school, community and world, and our future. "The idea is that there should be a lot of rules that children can sit comfortably in the palm of one hand.

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