Wednesday, November 30, 2011

fans crowd surges and interference report

Fulham fans who wanted to blame "street party"

Fulham defended accusations that the fans were in grave danger due to mismanagement of the crowd Monday night of friendship between Brazil and Ghana at Craven Cottage.

There were scenes of chaos outside the ground before the coup, while thousands of people - including many who had pre-ordered tickets and those who came to pay the night - were found in the neck bottle, some participants raised real fears of being crushed.

"I go to football games for over 20 years and have never been as bad as the organization of Fulham, for a friendly match last night between Ghana and Brazil," Lany said Benji, a West Ham fan who was so upset by what he experienced when he tried to collect his tickets himself out of the crowd and went home. "I went 25 minutes before the game to get my tickets after booking by phone during the day. When I arrived, there were fans on the road to 2000-3000 Stevenage bottlenecks two hamburgers size van [portable buildings] the distribution of pre- bought tickets. Two. Without a queuing system at all, people were soaring back and forth to get to the front of the crowd, where a small number of Fulham, unfortunately, the security guards tried to trouble of control.

"When I arrived at the front, the staff was frantically flipping through huge packets of envelopes literate, and even resorted to sending packets of tickets to the crowd, among them I found mine. Despair. I gave up and deported. There were children and old fans out there, obviously very distressed. I would be surprised that no one was injured. "

Fulham denied that his organization was defective and not insist that the appropriate level of stewardship and the police. The club says the congestion caused by fans who were so determined to enjoy outside the stadium that "refused to enter the field in time", despite calls to do so. "The fundamental problem is that people do not want to go upstairs when they arrived at the cabin. They wanted to stay and party in the streets and congestion caused, which means that some people had trouble taking their tickets. loudhalers We appeal to people entering the field, but they refused. You can not physically take people and force them to go in. We were a victim of people do not want to go to the stadium on time. "

"The flow rate [people who are on the ground] to 19:30 [15 minutes before kick-off] was 266 per minute, while for a Premier League match would be between 500 and 600. why there were only 11,500 people in the field at kickoff. "

The club has also suggested that the severity of congestion has been exaggerated and that, insofar as he is aware, there was no threat to public safety. "I looked out before you start to see why more people did not come," said Brookes. "I do not see anything that alarmed me greatly although I understand why some people may have been affected. There were many people with musical instruments and vuvuzelas and so on, and if you're not used to this environment that could be disturbing. "
Some fans have also been reported to reach their seats to find the already occupied by people who also had tickets for the same seats. Fulham say it's impossible.

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