Friday, November 25, 2011

the government consultation on executive compensation is closed today (meeting rooms, said to open in the payment of the premium, November 22), ordinary workers are still reeling from the news that while wages stagnated, the FTSE 100 directors received an average salary increases of 49% last year. In contrast to executive compensation, compensation to families of sources with low and middle income was exceeded by inflation in recent years. This increases the pressure on families, growing child poverty and damage to the economy by reducing consumer spending.
For six of 10 poor children live with working parents, their routes of poverty through the provision low-paid, precarious and temporary parent. Government, businesses and investors must take more responsibility for pay levels in the workforce and generate a decent-paying, sustainable jobs.
and organizations concerned about the damage caused by low-wage families and society, we urge the government to ensure that listed companies report on their payment policies and disclose the pay gap meeting between the living and ordinary employees. The government must also act now on skills, learning, the national minimum wage and workplace safety to ensure better living conditions for children in families with low incomes and better living conditions for their parents work.
Alison Garnham
direction, Child Poverty Action Group
Niall Cooper Coordinator of Church Action on Poverty

Jonathan Bartley

Co-Director, Ekklesia

Leo Osbourn

President, Methodist Church

Duncan Exley Director , Company A
Rev Roberta Rominger
Secretary General United Reformed Church

. Jonathan Freedland calls Kitemark for Fair Pay (Commentary, Nov. 23) for employers to reduce the gap between the highest and lowest paid. The next day the report "a sharp drop in real income and the wage gap is growing rapidly - with low wages grow by only 0.1 %".
One answer is that all employers pay the minimum wage (£ 8.30 £ 7.20 in London and outside London) for all employees and contractor personnel, providing family wage paying poor and support and community life. New Foundation British citizens wage is officially accredited and adding hundreds of new salaries Kitemark public and private employers are responsible for this process.
Neil Jameson
Citizens British

citizens of the United Kingdom is facing a crisis with an energy bill out of four households in fuel poverty. Rising fuel bills have been caused by a sharp rise in world prices of gas over a third last year. The only permanent solution is to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and carbon in the UK Super energy efficient homes and low. But this is achieved in the scale and speed required if households receive much more financial support from the government. Climate change policies have been falsely accused of the recent increase in bills. "Green taxes" are essential to encourage investment in energy efficiency and security, low carbon energy sources - without them, the accounts will grow faster. However, most of the money raised must be used to help people reduce their energy bills. As the Chancellor prepares his autumn statement, we ask the government to invest carbon tax revenues and help end fuel poverty.
Ed Matthew Director, Transformation of the United Kingdom

John Sauven

Executive Director of Greenpeace

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