Friday, November 11, 2011

Smugglers are updated

their farming methods and produce a more powerful supply

. France and marijuana: an altered state

Times change and cannabis is no exception, with the arrival of genetically modified grass. The French market is still dominated by traditional products, mostly imported from the United Kingdom - about 200 tons per year - the couriers are intended to update their methods.

"The goods are totally different than 10 years," says Thierry François Superintendent, Head of the Central Agency of France for the Suppression of Traffic (OCRTIS). "The world of cannabis experienced a complete change . "

An all-natural product

with low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a thing of the past. "In a few years we went from 3% or 4% THC cannabis present in background levels of around 10%, 30% even with genetically modified plants," explained Thierry. Unrelated to the thesis Substances that smoking in the 1970s.

New varieties of cannabis are increasingly competing with the Moroccan hashish. They are more expensive, but more sought after, because of their higher quality. And highly appreciated by consumers that is different is removed too.

So things have changed a lot considering the Dutch cannabis to the list of hard drugs. In the streets of Amsterdam, where punters can buy and use cannabis in coffee shops renowned trade in substances produced locally exceed Ted important goods.

Although most cannabis consumers in Europe are the French lag behind other countries when it comes to large-scale production.

"there is not much here in production. That Increase the target, with only few exceptions, it is mainly a box of very small operations. Concessionaires their supplies are still buying abroad. It is certainly with the proximity of the Southern Netherlands and Spain, where they have established contact, "says Thierry.
is July 5, officers arrested a Spanish HAD OCRTIS hidden half a tonne of cannabis resin in a truck coming from the UK.

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