Saturday, November 26, 2011

Matthew Pinsent and Alan Titchmarsh rally of the Town of Norfolk rebellion against job losses

is a tale of crabs, celebrities and passionate revolt in a small coastal town north of Norfolk. Stephen Fry, Alan Titchmarsh and Matthew Pinsent are among a growing number of stars join the fight to save the famous Cromer crab processing plant closed. The owners want to advance work in Grimsby and Scotland.

protest signs now dominate this picturesque city. Posters calling for the rescue of the Cromer Crab Company, owned by Young Seafood, affixed to the windows of the houses in pastel colors. The protesters occupied the crab costumes last weekend the main street. Tudor-style shops and cafés sporting bright red crab logo - a sign that they are collecting names for a petition that is already strong-6000

Fry, who grew up in Norfolk, has catapulted the country to the national honor by Twitter "Nooooo! Youngs Cromer crabs? Inconceivable. ... Sign the petition to Keep It Cromer" their three million followers. Pinsent Titchmarsh and the same, retweeting @ keepitcromer news. Activists are trying to win the support of Jamie Oliver - Young produces a wide range of seafood Jamie Oliver

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does not seem optimistic about the campaign workers of the company. Standing at a bus stop outside the plant on his lunch hour, employees say that despite the signing of 90-day period of consultation, the closure of the plant is a

fait accompli " / aa>

. "You can not fault the support we have in the city, but do not put money on the table," said a worker who has worked for five years and young people declined to be identified. "They [leaders of the company] can do whatever they want - what you guys at the factory can do about it counted the cards, dealt with them and now we expect them to return? " .
Young said that the erosion of the pound against the dollar has a competitive advantage. Chief Operating Officer Peter Ward, who heads the investigation, said: "The best scenario" was to close the plant and consolidate the work elsewhere: "We put this proposal on the table without acknowledging the seriousness of the n is not any. to do with employee performance. There are external factors ... We must be sustainable. "

But political pressure is growing in the company. Norman Lamb, who is Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Secretary to the private Nick Clegg, said Young, is missing something: "They are sitting on a goldmine here live in a time when the market trend is towards all .. local, high quality food just had an event in parliament on the production of Kettle Chips Norfolk -.. [Held in Norwich] have become very powerful Cromer crabs brand could offer the same "

Senior Lamb
the government can explain David Cameron and Nick Clegg, the recent commitment to support the EU protected status for Cromer crab. As pork pies from Melton Mowbray and Cornish sardines, crab, I tagged for Cromer crabs caught and processed locally. Young said he is ready to make this concession, but as only 2% of the food is from local process, it is unlikely to save many jobs.

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