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manage the daily volume above shows Prince Charles Blair accused of "screwing" the government

, Tony Blair believes that the Prince of Wales has spoken publicly on sensitive areas of public policy in ways that sometimes go beyond the constitutional limits historically respected by the royal family, according to Alastair Campbell .

In excerpts of the last volume of his diary, published in the Guardian today and Monday, the former No. 10, the director of communications for Tony Blair writes that he has become so frustrated that once accused the prince of private "we screwed."

Campbell, a teetotaler, as revealed today in extracts of the working pressure at Downing Street was so great that he started drinking again at the millennium. He never told Blair.

also reveals that George Bush said in July 2001, Vladimir Putin, "looked a little scared" when he accused the then president of Russia to sell more conventional weapons to states thugs.

The main objective of the extract confirmed today that the ministers of the spectrum have complained in private:. The Prince of Wales will periodically try to influence government policy, usually long handwritten letters

In the most detailed account of the operations of the Prince, Campbell suggests that the heir to the throne, even showing signs of disapproval of the government. Campbell suggests that in a moment of Blair raised concerns with the queen.

"While we supported publicly, tuberculosis, said Charles had to understand that there are limits to the extent that they could play politics with it," Campbell wrote on October 31 1999, a meeting between Blair and Prince, after Prince William on fox hunting days provocateur. "He said he was 90 minutes of conversation very difficult, not only on the hunt."

Campbell wrote that Blair, who was not invited to the royal wedding, when the prince was angry:

. Made "deep need" for assistance in the foot and mouth disease crisis in 2001. Campbell wrote March 16, 2001: "TB said he knew exactly what he was also asked if Charles had never considered useful when 6,000 jobs were lost in the [steelmaker] He said that Corus This was all about and trying to screw us .. to get the message that we were not generous enough for farmers. "

. boycotted a banquet in 1999 by Jiang Zemin, then president of China, a decision criticized by Blair as "ridiculous." In a long article to the prince Blair wrote: "I feel very strongly about this."

. Challenge Blair plans to ban fox hunting. As Campbell described as "a long note in hunting" at the end of 1999, the Prince said it was good for the environment.

Campbell said Mr Blair was furious at Prince Sunday Mail article in May 1999. "It was pretty bad about it, said it was a simple anti-science position, the same argument that if God wanted to fly, we would have wings. No doubt there was a feeling of grandeur."

Campbell wrote that Blair believed that the prince had a political agenda because he was upset by the speech by former Prime Minister of the International Labour Conference in October 1999, in which he attacked the "forces of conservatism". He wrote November 1, 1999: "TB said he bought the line, because they have been improved, which meant they were determined to destroy all traditions, but he had to understand that some traditions that change and evolve all die. I had the feeling of a deliberate strategy to win media support and strengthen placed at a distance of tuberculosis and many of the changes we made. "
Campbell added: "TB felt he had really been hurt by the forces of conservatism of the word, he said he felt much more vulnerable than are actually even know they have the power to "keep us on our .. place, "but do not always see."

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