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Professor Danny Dorling

has a knack for making statistics sexy, either to show that the contribution of extensive work of the university, or that life is better than Chelsea in Barnsley.

Martin Wainwright

meet him

You do not need many minutes with Danny Dorling of losing their reservations about the statistics that are dry and dull, and his face lights up as he transforms the world of the numerators and denominators in surprise and joy.

most young women in the United Kingdom (18/19-year-olds) now go to university, the highest concentration of children is a step in the Cotswolds, National Bureau of Statistics (ONS) announced the 60 millionth citizen of the United Kingdom three times in the past 15 years. And that's just the human side. You should hear him describe the excellence of global data on rare frogs.

professor of human geography at the University of Sheffield, with a website application rocking MSc candidates "Have you ever wondered where his life might take you if you were born somewhere else?" Dorling is The current favorite in the field. The state, achieved by 30 pounds at the age of 43 years, will increase with the release today of his magnum opus of Fair Play.

Dorling he describes as "an autopsy on the New Labour", but a post-mortem, whose optimism rather than to confirm the cause of death depressing. Of particular interest among the 400 pages, 52 chapters, more generous and graphic links "reading" is evidence that increased spending on schools over the last five years the level of increased use and expansion of the university .

"I have included two unpublished documents, the first co-author in 2005 with Mark Corver of HEFCE [Higher Education Funding Council for England] who argued that progress was not made" , which explains. "We conclude that the government's objective to increase the number of less well-off college participants could not be performed.

"The second, written last year showed that we were wrong, it's not a bad thing to have to accept. The results came as a surprise to me, and probably a pleasant surprise to the ministers of labor. "

The data show three curves upward nearly identical: one for a 4% increase of participants from universities in disadvantaged areas, the plots of the second curve by improving GCSE the students themselves, three years before, and the third marks the corresponding increase in school expenses through measures such as education grants now largely abolished maintenance.

Bingo! And Dorling is so happy with the results that every social reformer would - or any kind, because the increase was not at the expense of the richest, including the University participants also increased by 2%. But the real satisfaction lies in the quality of data: Statistics from the denominator of family allowances, which is claimed for more than 99% of children in the United Kingdom, and the numerator of postal codes of university applications, as says wryly, "the candidates tend to ensure that right."

"It's beautiful," he said, his face wrapped in a blissful smile. "Beautiful. For this reason, I had to put in." Another example is the use of statistics to show the quality of life outside London, a famous saying that those of us who appreciate it know to be true, but Only in this way vague, the intestine that is anathema to statisticians.

With his colleague Bethan Thomas, found the gold standard data that can be applied and returned to air pollution essence, crime figures, electricity consumption and malicious calls to the firemen. The quartet, partly playful, but exceptionally reliable in the City of London and Kensington and Chelsea, the least desirable places to live in the United Kingdom, and the best Rotherham, Barnsley and Redcar.

attitude shows his armor against critics who attempt to set aside as partial or commentators on political grounds, or softer than Jenkins himself the Guardian, Simon who is called " the geographer real left. "Since the purchase of the first computer to be seen at the University of Newcastle and his love for the facts of the culture, which followed the numbers did not begin with a theory and then examined the data to support.

Dorling on the left, in the words of media broadbrush speech are so different from the accuracy of academic work, particularly in the statistics. His parents met in Oxford and "hippies of the 60s" in his words - meant in admiration, not only because they are alive and well in retirement in West Wales. His mother and his father taught mathematics has become a GP in East Oxford and Cowley, who work to improve things and Dorling said, "driving his Mini in the car works every year to say that the noise levels was too high. "This was a patient, the Fabian approach.

What I am about hard work. I could not read or write until he was eight until I was nine. He thanked his father not to say even 20 years when he had fought his way through without any special treatment, he had dyslexia.

He has a desire of everyone to be "connected" society for the benefit of all. More eloquently expressed in Donne: "No man is an island", it was wired to him at Oxford, through experiences such as waiting for ages, while the automakers Cowley last cycle before that could cross the street to go to school. His book, so you think you know about Britain?, Published earlier this year, has drawn attention both for its dispassionate data on inequality, the geographical nature of poverty and wealth in general and upsetting Daily Mail opinion in the world.

wary of emotion in private schools or independent in the UK spends more per capita than any other country outside of Chile, but critics. Not about the pettiness - it is true that the "tall poppy" argument, the argument that greater equality must decrease, no statistical basis. He said simply, "It makes me sad to see stupid people unnecessarily."

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