Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bernard Hogan-Howe

the police authority said: "We need to target people who have been convicted of knife crime and gun"

The new Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police announced the key and exchange rate policy research, saying the force had to use the powers in a "smarter" way.

Bernard Hogan-Howe

, which appear in the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) for the first time, was challenged by the widespread use of stop and search by the strength of London and the fears who were angry communities in areas such as Tottenham, who saw the riots last month.

Hogan-Howe, who officially took power on September 26, seemed to decide at a hearing today that the policy must change.


Commissioner - which established the matrix operation against weapons in Liverpool, while head of the Merseyside Police force - said powers of stop and search are important for the police, but in December This year, the Met should be used in a manner more specific.

"We must move away from research in a field of research to a person, and stop attacking people who do not have to be taken into account."

Question from Jenny Jones, Green Party representative on the MPA, where the audience is likely to see these changes in place, Hogan-Howe, said in December.

Jones said that in his meetings in Tottenham, north London, the widespread use of stop and search had been cited as a reason why so many people were angry. The AMP has also been said that the review followed by monitoring during the period before and during the riots was to examine whether the operation target repression seen theft and robbery - two of which are on the rise in London - using stop and search, had played a role in exacerbating tensions in some urban areas.


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