Saturday, November 12, 2011

What was discouraging to see the protesters drove through the streets of London as cattle (Army of the police kept the protesters - and problems - in check, November 10). Political protest is a cornerstone of a healthy democratic culture. Whatever one thinks of violence during the protests last year, the students expressed their passionate commitment to the political life of this country.
Wednesday, a passion was expressed by an event that was surrounded on all sides by the riot police and forced to stop every 10 meters. The Metropolitan Police will look at these tactics succeed, because there is no splinter groups broke away from the road in March and Millbank Tower, unlike last year, remained intact. What a pity if the security headquarters of the Conservative Party at the expense of a culture of active participation in politics. Police disproportionately at risk of damage was more than a protest.

James Everest


. There is no doubt that police surveillance of hail as a success because it has been kept largely "peaceful", but this masks the reality of our experience of "surveillance Total ". Somehow the word "peace" does not correspond well with the presence of thousands of police and riot police. Unless all the side streets, looking for tall buildings, the filming of our movements, and infiltration of our protests, that the secret police - the heavy police presence unnecessarily created a climate of intimidation, fear and helplessness, and an intense feeling of frustration. "The police Total" is the criminalization of protest and the enormous undermines democracy in this country.






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