Monday, November 28, 2011

The South African leader urged diplomats at the international conference on climate to look beyond national interests solutions

Global warming is already causing suffering and

conflicts in Africa, drought in Sudan and Somalia to the floods in southern Africa, President Jacob Zuma said on Monday, urging the delegates to an international conference on climate solutions look beyond national interests.

"For most people in developing countries and Africa, climate change is a matter of life or death," said the South African leader as he officially opened a conference two weeks with the participation of more than 190 countries.

The conference is looking for ways to reduce emissions ever higher climate change pollution, scientists said last week have reached record levels of concentration in the atmosphere.

The official said UN climate Christiana Figueres future commitments for industrialized countries to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases is "the defining issue of this conference." However, he said that it is linked to the promise that developing countries need to do to join the fight against climate change.

quoted Nelson Mandela ". It always seems impossible until it becomes "
The conference ends on December 9.

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