Sunday, November 13, 2011

raid this week of the theatrical blogosphere is brought to you by the letter R, as the writers of the world get stuck on issues of importance, reflexivity and rebellion

weeks ago, said the Movement is Hunka Wall Street, with the launch of a series of blogs on superfluous to look for a new theater of revolt. Taking their lead from Robert Brustein 1964 book of the same name, tried to establish eight playwrights whose work is able to have a real impact in the world. "If I had to describe a theoretical stage of rebellion today," he writes, "it would take a different perspective, another set of philosophical and cultural assumptions, a large amount of water has flowed under the historical bridges. "Therefore, go to Ibsen, Strindberg, Shaw and others, and future of Kane, Barker and Pinter, among others, each of which Barker devotes a separate blog, which are pleasant to read. The only survivor? Bertolt Brecht, of course.

Meanwhile, the authors in a scene of more young people debated whether music can possibly fit into this. Walpole Elinor recently participated in a panel discussion at Stratford East in the possibilities of political relevance in musical theater. "In the minds of many people," he writes, "the idea of ??the issues is supplemented by" the breasts and teeth "and" jazz hands "is simply disgusting." Finally, the parties with the music, but perhaps does not mention the potential for formal innovation can offer: Road London undoubtedly relevant, for example, shows that music should not be all back and catalogs kicks in

However, it must direct theatremakers least if they want to avoid the wrath of Isaac Butler parabasis is self-expression. In a brief message and furious manifesto memoir Ever, rooms narcissistic Butler: "The ultimate goal of art can not be self-expression and that's where it starts (most of the time, in general) should be done ... something else, something more. "His conclusion?" If you write for self-expression, just get a blog whore. "

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