Friday, November 11, 2011

"lifestyle guru" ex Cherie Blair claiming compensation of £ 250,000 on claims for alleged he could sell the details of the marriage ex-PM

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Carole Caplin

, the "lifestyle guru" old Cherie Blair, has given the green light to continue the Daily Mail for libel in its interpretation, it is alleged that "a kind of Randy sexpot or the masseuse. "

Caplin, 48, is for damages up to $ 250,000 from the Associated Newspapers title after September 1, 2010 article that would have suggested that it might be "the sexual secrets" of the wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair for £ 1 million.

Judge Mrs Justice Sharp, on Monday found the article "Carole Caplin is to lift the lid on the" Blair? "Was able to give rise to suspicion I was going to sell his story for a substantial sum.

"I think the ordinary reader might reasonably conclude that the two Caplin is now a financial motive to spill the beans, and it can do, even if it did not say anything until now, "Sharp said.

"I have concluded that read as a whole, and applying the principles relevant to the issues raised today, the article is capable of transmitting the suspicion that the applicant" lift the lid of the marriage of Blairs' "and" sexual secrets "substantial financial compensation."

Sharp said it would be for a trial court to conclude what is the inference from these words.

David Price QC, acting for Caplin, said the High Court in London in May that the newspaper described his client as a "Svengali or Rasputin figure" in the marriage of Tony and Cherie Blair. Associated Newspapers agreed that, taken separately, the owners could encourage Caplin suspicions that he intended to "lift the lid" on Blair. However, the publisher said the article as a whole was not defamatory.

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