Saturday, November 26, 2011

Linda said Katcha

asked the police to remove the tents of the university, but not directly to remove the protesters

University of California, Davis, Chancellor defended by critics around the force of the campus police pepper spray peaceful protesters emerged as the information agent at the heart of the incident.


Lieutenant John Pike and another officer in riot gear spraying a cloud is going to orange in the heads of protesters who were sitting quietly on the floor caused the 'national outrage, as it began to circulate in the line Friday night.

The students gathered on campus on Tuesday for the second time in two days to condemn the violence and urged the university authorities to require the police to attend sensitivity training.

UC Davis Chancellor

, Linda Katcha, which has faced criticism from students about the incident on Friday, defended himself at a public meeting on Tuesday evening. She told an auditorium filled with over 1000 students who applied for the police to remove the tents of the university quad, but did not lead to forcibly remove the protesters.

"I expressly requires that the police chief that violence must be avoided at all costs," he said. "It was the absolute last thing I wanted to happen."

He stressed that students have the right to demonstrate peacefully.

"Because the camps were closed by the policy of the University of California, who led the police to arrest only those stores," he said. "My instructions were no arrests and police. "

Pike, another officer and the chief of campus police were placed on administrative leave with pay after the incident, which attracted international attention for the campus of 32,000 students, West the state capital.

not all students at the meeting were satisfied with the answer, Katcha who attended a rally on campus on Monday and apologized to the students. Puneet Kamal, 22, science and environmental policy major, was one of the lines to ask questions on Tuesday.

"She said," I'm sorry I did that, or I made that call, "said Kamal. "She said," I'm sorry this had to happen. "Where is the blame go?"

Pike is a Marine sergeant at retirement was honored for his police work on campus, but also contained in an official discrimination against the university.

was twice honored by the University for outstanding police work, including a 2006 incident in which he addressed an inpatient brandishing scissors threatening his fellow officers. Then said he decided not to use pepper spray because it could damage your colleagues or patients to other hospitals.

As the controversy over the fumigation of incidents increased, the images of the Lieutenant became the subject of a popular blog, with his image superimposed on the spray paint and famous celebrities, Gandhi John F. Kennedy.

Dammeyer, a lawyer for the Federated Association of police of the university, the union representing UC Davis officials said the plan of operation issued by the Department includes the use of pepper spray. Dammeyer said he does not pike, because he is a manager.

"The officers were simply doing what they were instructed to do so by senior management," Dammeyer said, referring to the police, university management.

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