Thursday, November 24, 2011

The ideological feedback loop on the whole body scanners, the EU and human rights is enough to blow the head of the Conservatives

When Alan Bennett wrote in The History Boys "loss of liberty is the price we pay for freedom," he could have imagined that his own paradox drilling end and light in the heart a dilemma Conservative Party faces today?

The problem for conservatives is this: human rights organizations have expressed concern that the mandatory use of new scanners whole body at some airports violates the right of individuals to privacy, while These scanners are still there at all because they provide better protection for passengers against terrorism potential. To be honest, allowing airport security to see representations of gray, with spots on the naked body is the price you pay, and instead gives you the freedom to travel across the sky without interference concealed weapons and explosives.

If you are a conservative, it is rather an ideological feedback loop to make your head explode. Traditional conservatives despise anything that encroaches on the freedoms of the individual. For years, the term "the Labour Party has abandoned civil liberties" was one of the favorite lines of attack, David Cameron. But the Conservative Party, especially in the wake of the riots of August, is set to be as tough against crime as a Liberal Democrat partners allows.

Now this has all the elements of an absurdist comedy sublime nakedness right angry, confused tourists - what more could you want? Add to that newly appointed Secretary of Transportation Justine Greening make some absurd claims on Europe and satirists everywhere can die happy.

Recently, the EU decided that to avoid possible violation of human rights, the passengers would be allowed to choose to scan the whole body for a frisk. Green decided that the UK will withdraw from this exclusion.

is tempting to put this decision in a strange reaction to green, as the Conservatives, they can not agree with everything that emanates from the EU. "Europe" was a taboo word in the Conservative Party, and the start of the debt crisis in the euro area, their malice has exceeded all expectations.

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