Tuesday, November 22, 2011

fuel poverty campaigns

Action Group against the headquarters of EDF Energy to highlight awareness of the 25,700 deaths during the winter over the UK in 2010 - 11

pensioner Linda Powell Sat shivering on a street in London, his teeth chattered in the lips blue, used as a cardigan to keep warm. Fortunately for Powell She only pretends to be a victim of lack of fuel - an organization involved in "die-in" outside the headquarters of the EDF Energy overlooking Green Park, London

with other members of the Task Force on fuel poverty, Powell - the face of a deadly white paint and a bright blue lips - went through the gel, to protest against the number of excess deaths in winter product in the UK each year. According to figures published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there were 25,700 such deaths in 2010-11.

The latest data from the ONS comparing the number of deaths from 2010 December to March, 2011 with the average number of deaths in the month of August to November and April the following year in July . We show that there was an increase of 17% of deaths during winter compared to non-winter periods - a figure virtually unchanged from the previous year

But Powell, 61, believes that the situation is a disgrace: "I just retired and I got my supply of fuel in the winter of 200 pounds, down 250 pounds, with to the government. " m forced to stop to put my central heating, and do everything possible to reduce consumption. I have to put out the fire when I leave, and only the warmth of a room. I'm about to go on, to be honest. "

fuel poverty activists entered a wooden coffin, with the number of deaths during the winter of 2010-11 scribbled on it, in Parliament Square the place to highlight the issue Grosvenor.

Ruth, a Londoner aged 60, was among them: "I am here on behalf of older people who have worked all their lives, and now can not afford to heat their homes for us it is. the choice between eating or heating, which is another option at all, because the better you eat, the more you stay healthy.

"I know many people who had pneumonia last year, I know people who have had to live in a room last winter, colder and colder, and you can not go great to know that people have. to travel by bus all night to keep warm. This is not life. "

Jenny Saunders, NEA Chief Executive, said: "The number of deaths during the winter was expected excess, unfortunately figures highlight the lack of fuel is killing our most vulnerable last December was the coldest on record and periods of bad weather .. in combination with the high price of energy has had a devastating effect. "

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